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A Little Bit About Me…

 I dedicate this text to those of you who are interested in my personal path that led me to where I am today,

I was born in a family of a doctor and an actress. However, professions of my parents did not seem to be the path that I will take in life. I wanted to start my own business, and I was always passionate about keeping the environment safe. Also, I noticed how long we had to wait for our dumpster to get emptied and I got the idea then and there to start a business that will not only make you safe when disposing of your waste, but also efficient.

That was the best decision I ever made.

Learning Center For Professionals Into Dumpsters

Renting and selling dumpsters is a profession which can be quite lucrative. Since there are not many centers in which you can learn more about dumpsters, I have decided to open my own and very first learning center here! Also, you can book a presentation for recycling and environmental protection for your class or your school. We can make an arrangement that will suit both you and me, just contact me!

Dumpster Uses – How To Properly Use A Dumpster

Well, it is no rocket science – we use dumpsters to dump the waste we have! There are many things which you did not know about the proper use of dumpsters! Here is three dumpster uses that you did not think of!

Dumpsters For Recycling

Yes, there are dumpsters for recycling which you can use if you want to sort out the waste and put it to good use.

Dumpsters For Renovating

For all of you who are planning a renovation project, it will be useful to get a dumpster to get all the waste out of your house.

Dumpsters For Parties

Planning a party in nature? Get a dumpster, ASAP! If you are organizing a big event, a dumpster might be of use.

Types Of Dumpsters  – Aren’t All Dumpsters The Same?

Well, this question is something I often get. Even though dumpsters may serve the same service, they are not the same. There are different types of dumpsters, dumpsters of different sizes and dumpsters for different purposes.

Recycling Dumpsters 

In case that you want to start recycling, you can do just that with the simple help and use of a recycling dumpster that will allow you to recycle in a fast and efficient way.

Recycled Dumpsters

There are new dumpsters, and then there are dumpsters that have been made of parts of old dumpsters. While this is the way to reuse resources in the best possible way, it might not be recommendable in cases such as working with particular types of waste (e.g. toxic waste).

Heavy Duty Dumpsters

If you have to dump toxic waste, really heavy waste or medical waste, you would want to use a heavy duty dumpster that will not fail you!

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